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Jarrod Carter is a 26-year-old photographer/filmmaker based on the Gold Coast, Australia. His passions have gravitated around capturing unique stories in everyday life.


In 2014 Jarrod graduated from Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Film, TV & New Media. His directorial documentary, Cougars, explored the lives of the real cougars of Australia (older women who seek relations with younger men). Cougars premiered at the 2014 ATOM Awards and was featured on Channel 7's Sunrise and the Gold Coast Bulletin.


Jarrod also directed the controversial documentary, Like Mike: The Life of a Gold Coast Stripper, which exposed the realities of a male stripper (featured on Channel 9's A Current Affair).

Since then his focus has shifted to photography where he finds himself delving into multiple genres. Whether he is submitting a series to an international magazine or capturing a beautiful bride and groom at sunset, there's nothing more he loves then sharing a magical moment with the world.


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